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Engine Repair

When you need car engine repair, trust Tom’s Auto of Oswego, Inc. for complete auto repair

Keep your engine healthy

Is your vehicle losing power while driving or accelerating?  Is the vehicle hard to start?  Is your engine blowing smoke? Do you want your vehicle to last longer?


Tom’s Auto of Oswego, Inc. are the experts when it comes to engine repair and reconditioning. Our professional staff takes pride on their ability to handle most engine machining jobs, from the smallest to the largest to make your vehicle run smoothly, cleanly, and economically.


From emissions diagnostics to car engine repairs, part replacement to general engine maintenance, Call Tom’s Auto of Oswego, Inc. offers complete engine care. We have access to high perfomance quality parts to help achieve the specific results you want. So, the next time you need an engine reconditioning or engine repair, you know the company to call. Call Tom’s Auto of Oswego, Inc. for exceptional engine repair services today.